St. Georg Klinik / Indications / Sarcoidosis


“St. Georg Fachklinik” has gained an excellent nationwide reputation as a sarcoidosis competence centre thanks to the pioneer work in sarcoidosis research carried out since 1960, first by Professor Karl Wurm and subsequently by Dr. Klaus Kögler, Dr. Wilhelm Buchbender and Dr. Robert Müller. More than 25,000 sarcoidosis patients have been treated successfully in our clinic.

Sarcoidosis is most often a rather harmless disorder showing scarce symptoms and disappearing without medical treatment. However, the disease may also affect and damage several organs and become a chronic disorder resulting in a deterioration of the physical performance. Focus shall be given to the lung which is almost always affected. Since there is no reliable evidence indicating early the evolution of the disease, the experience of the treating physician is still crucial as to the evaluation and the choice of the therapy.


Generally, we can treat everyone who suffers from acute or chronic sarcoidosis regardless of the stage of the disease. Our outpatient therapy centre managed by Dr. Robert Müller provides advice for both privately and publicly insured patients when there is uncertainty about the disease.


TherapY Goals

  • Halt the progression of the disease
  • Prevent undesirable side effects
  • Alleviate pain symptoms
  • Preserve the physical performance
  • Regain of zest for life

The disease-related competence of the patient is an important element of the sarcoidosis management. Continuous information and open discussions help the patient to become a competent partner and conscientious decision-maker in the treatment of the disease.

”We shall treat any disease with politeness and respect.” This is how the French philosopher Montaigne put it. We seek to follow this maxim. For us, this means to give the illness the space in our life which it “deserves”, without, however, allowing the disease to become overwhelming. Learning to accept and respect the illness requires to recognise it, but also to take adequate action to keep it within reasonable limits. We should manage the disease instead of being overwhelmed by it, together as a team including physicians, therapists and of course you, as the most important person.


Therapeutic Services

  • Nutritional consulting with the aim to learn how to prevent weight gain despite the administration of corticosteroids without forgoing enjoyment
  • Physical exercise with the aim to enjoy the pleasant experience of discovering the own physical abilities
  • Physical therapy to help the patient overcome functional impairments and thereby enhance the own coping skills.
  • Spa treatments: our spa facilities allow the patient to enhance wellbeing
  • Psychological assistance and support to help the patient to relax, “come to terms with himself/herself” and get rid of mental blockades.



The answer to this question may vary from patient to patient. However, generally, it can be said that the body’s corticosteroids are the first choice although there are several medicaments available.

The suitability of alternative therapies is assessed and discussed with the patient. This involves the following issues:

  • Which medicaments shall be taken in what dosage, for how long and in which combination?
  • What has to be done to prevent undesirable side effects?
  • What can be done to maintain the physical ability and regain zest for life?
  • What are the consequences of the disease for me and my family?
  • Will my career and private life be affected by the illness?