St. Georg Klinik / Therapy focus / Psychology



Serious and persistent health problems often affect all aspects of life and may cause irreversible impairments. A fundamental and far-reaching reorientation may then become inevitable. As a result of these strains, the affected persons and their family may reach the limits of resilience and coping capacity.

We are concerned about helping the patients manage and cope with such an exceptional and burdensome situation by providing support and psychological assistance during rehabilitation with the aim to restore zest for life and self-confidence and to enable the patient to enjoy life again.

We consider illness as a critical and fateful event in life, representing a demanding challenge for the patient and his or her capacity to cope with the situation - sometimes an illness may, however, involve opportunities for constructive changes and decisions.

The acceptance of the unchangeable and the readiness to tackle the changeable may be a suitable attitude that helps to ease the burden and provides relief. We seek to help the patients succeed therein: find the necessary serenity for the first and vigour for the second and clear the mind to be able to distinguish between the two things.

We draw up strategies together with our patients aimed at providing lasting psychological relief and stabilisation. A solution-focused and resource-oriented psychotherapeutic approach helps create space of manoeuvre for individual problem management.

Therapy Goals

Our therapies are essentially aimed at restoring or maintaining the individual autonomy and independence to ensure the best possible quality of life and give a promising outlook for the future.

Psychological assistance and support, focusing on the personal needs and the specific individual problems, shall provide relief and prevent the patient from developing chronic psychological disorders.


Therapeutic Services

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Talking therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Body therapies
  • Systemic couple and family therapy
  • Imagination therapies
  • Counselling and coaching
  • Therapies based on depth psychology
  • Group talks for patients suffering from cancerous diseases
  • Group talks for stoma patients
  • Smoking cessation seminar
  • We are figuring in the database of the “Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ” (German Cancer Research Centre) as a provider of drug addiction treatments.
  • Read more about the topic at the page
  • Imagination group (as suggested, for example, by Dr. L. Reddemann in “Bochumer Gesundheitstraining”, Simonton)
  • Autogenic training
  • Progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobson method)
  • Bespoke individual assistance
  • Talks involving the partner or the family, if there is need