St. Georg Klinik / Therapy focus / Social counselling

Social counselling


The social counselling is a special service of our clinic for patients undergoing rehabilitation, who are covered by the “Deutsche Rentenversicherung” (German State Pension Fund) or a public or private health insurance. We provide assistance for patients who are gainfully employed or seek job reintegration after a long illness either in their former employment or in another job depending on their abilities.

Frequently, it becomes evident that it is necessary to reconsider the life planning and think about new career alternatives.


  • Social Security benefits and services: child benefit, “education aid”, maintenance, vocational qualification schemes, vocational rehabilitation (reintegration into working life), rehabilitation and integration of disabled persons, unemployment benefit, support allowance, housing benefits, debt consulting
  • Step by step reintegration
  • Information and consulting on labour law and welfare law issues
  • Counselling for family problems (divorce/separation, marital conflicts, educational problems)
  • Social counselling for grave disability
  • Job-related assistance: help with applications, advice regarding career opportunities
  • Follow-up services (intensive rehabilitation, outpatient support services, outpatient physiotherapy, self-help groups, help in dealing with health insurance and retirement issues, information about nursing services, doctor’s practices and medical equipment shops)
  • Lectures and consulting regarding the vocational rehabilitation