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The St. Georg Clinic is a healthcare facility for Internal Medicine, specialising in oncology, pulmonology (respiratory diseases), cardiology (cardiovascular diseases) and orthopaedics (musculoskeletal conditions).

We focus on rehabilitation and aftercare for patients suffering from cancer and pulmonary diseases. The therapies provided by our physicians and medical staff are supported by the mildly bracing climate of Höchenschwand and the tranquil and idyllic setting in the southern Black Forest.

Enjoy the pure mountain air in Höchenschwand at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level. The health resort offers a lot of opportunities for leisure activities, for example, leisurely strolls in the park, walking, tennis, horse riding and golf, among many other pursuits. You can also relax and pamper yourself taking advantage of the facilities of the “Vitalis” Spa centre. We will do everything we can to help you recover as fast as possible and return home in good health.


The St. Georg Clinic is a prevention and rehabilitation facility for internal medicine. The private clinic has been owned and run independently by three generations of the Porten Family.

Our clinic provides excellent diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for the treatment of lymphatic disorders. Furthermore, we have gained ample experience and comprehensive knowledge over many years in the treatment of sarcoidosis.

We are committed to an interdisciplinary approach. Given that our staff consists of specialists of various areas, our therapies are based on an interdisciplinary exchange of physicians and therapists specialising in various disciplines. Thereby, we are able to develop holistic therapies allowing us to treat simultaneously and reasonably co-morbidities of our patients.

A special focus is given in our clinic to the treatment of patients suffering from urological cancers.

With the aim to support the in-house care by our specialists, we signed a consulting agreement in 2008 with a near urological group practice, the services of which ideally complement our expertise and facilities.

At the St. Georg Clinic, both patients covered by a public health insurance and privately insured self-payers are welcome. We are a licensed healthcare provider in accordance with § 111 SGB V (Social Welfare Law, volume 5). Therefore, the patients of the St. Georg Clinic are eligible for reimbursement from numerous insurances and further cost bearers, including the “Deutsche Rentenversicherung” (German State Pension Fund), private and public health insurances as well as welfare allowance offices.

Since we are licensed to provide outpatient healthcare, we can accept referrals issued by a general practitioner in our therapy facilities. However, of course all our services, including the prevention offers, are available for self-payers, too.



  • Our helpline for your questions (free call): 0800 / 4114110
  • Therapies are also provided on Saturday upon referral
  • Our specialists, counsellors and psychologists provide bespoke information and advice to the patients and their family
  • Psychological assistance by specialists (individual or group therapy) for mental or psychosomatic disorders is available during and after rehabilitation

Wide views, short distances

The guests of the hotels and inns, run by the Porten Family, can soak up splendid wide views over the countryside of the Southern Black Forest, given the altitude of the health resort of Höchenschwand. You will find everything you need for an enjoyable stay within a short walking distance: the village centre with its quaint shops and larger stores, the picturesque park, a wealth of spa facilities, a varied range of cultural events, the Tourist Information and our restaurants and inns. Therefore, your exploration tours will not become strenuous walks, unless you fancy a workout!

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  5. St. Georg Klinik

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