St. Georg Klinik / Therapy focus / Diabetology



Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) and obesity (obesity) are considered a widespread disease that affects many people. Diabetes mellitus type 2 in particular has a lot to do with too high a body weight and a lack of physical activity and also brings dangers to the cardiovascular system. Although other important diseases are in the foreground, it is always important to keep an eye on the diabetes at the same time. The treatment of type 1 diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes takes place in the specialist clinic St. Georg in compliance with the guidelines of the German Diabetes Association. In the clinic we have a diabetic physician (Diabetologe DDG) and two expert nutritionists, who are involved in the appropriate case in the therapeutic treatment of the disease.

After the medical consultation and the admission examination, if necessary, the management of an existing sugar disease with the rehabilitated person will be examined and adjusted to the further procedure of the treatment plan. Both tablet therapies, as well as ongoing insulin treatments can be continued without problems and adjusted if necessary. Necessary diabetological accompanying examinations can be carried out additionally in the specialized clinic on the spot.
As the topics of diet and exercise are of central importance for type 2 diabetes, nutrition and exercise therapy is the basis for every successful rehabilitation in diabetes. These therapies are beneficial for malignant diseases and diseases of the lungs. The teaching kitchen and nutritional training are offered in the specialist clinic, offering both individual and group training as well as lectures on diabetes-specific topics (such as heart disease).

The exercise therapy is discussed with the rehabilitee from a number of ways and then executed.

The existing diabetes medication can be discussed with any patient suffering from diabetes and get adjusted as needed, during rehabilitation the glucose levels are regularly checked and subsequently adjusted to actual needs. Often it is then also possible to significantly reduce the amount of insulin during the stay - without the blood sugar levels deteriorating.
Nutrition is an important part of our overall therapeutic concept because it contributes significantly to the success of the treatment. Depending on the indication and the diet, we will go into the diet to meet your needs. Of course, we follow the guidelines of the German Society for Nutrition and the German Diabetes Society. We focus on freshness, quality, naturalness and wholesomeness of all foods. Fine spreads, fresh cereals, cottage cheese and fruit salads for breakfast. Hearty meat, fish or vegetarian dishes and light desserts on the lunch menu. Raw food, crunchy salads, dressings and spicy dips for dinner.
Let our teaching kitchen show you how to prepare your own food. You will see: Cooking and eating together is fun. We want you to eat well when you get home. Our trained nutritionists help you to align your eating habits with a healthy diet. We are happy to advise you on the composition of your meals. In one-to-one interviews, we seek individual solutions for your nutritional situation at home.