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Trad. cheese pasta with fried onions
leaf salad
9,50 €

Breaded pork schnitzel
with french fries and mixed salad
13,20 €

Chicken breast breaded with cornflakes
served with French fries and chutney sauce
13,80 €

Pike perch fillet fried in almond butter
with parsley potatoes
13,80 €

"Cordon bleu" from the pork
with french fries and mixed salad
15,80 €

Roasted pork tenderloin on buttered noodles
with king oyster mushrooms and pistacchio nuts
16,80 €



Entrecote with Cafe de Paris sauce
Bean bundles wrapped in bacon, grilled tomato and fried potatoes
18,50 €

Entrecote with spring onions
Cherry tomato skewer, bacon, croquettes and cheese dip
18,90 €

Lamb chops with Chimichurri dip
Bacon green beans, herb potatoes
19,50 €

"Grill plate" with beef, pork and turkey steak
Peppers and courgettes
Herb butter, French fries and plum curry dip
18,60 €

Rump steak from the pastry cattle on roasted market vegetables
Fried potatoes and spicy red butter